Our Reviews

“Thank you Dr. Roth and Frankel Team – this was a first for us…. and your office was fantastic. You really made Alexis feel good about things throughout the process.

I am pretty sure kid #2 is a soon-to-be patient as well. Until we meet again….. thanks for everything.”

– J.C.

“AHHHHH! Thank you all so much for your hardwork! You are the best orthodontist ever!!

I love my smile! (thanks to you!) I enjoyed the candy too!!!”

– J.C.

“Dr. Roth and Frankel Team, thank you so much for your generosity and professionalism. My family and I (and the future motion picture association ? thank you for making our little angel magnificent again.

Thank you Dr. Roth & Frankel Team and your wonderful staff for your wonderful care of my son during this stage in his life.

Jacob was always happy to go to his appointments because he said, not only was your staff friendly but they always made him feel like he was important to them.

Thank you for treating my son with such respect and kindness.”

– Dr. R. and Teresa R.

“Thank you guys so much for everything! It was a smooth process with minimal pain and problems.

I greatly appreciate the professionalism present in that office.”

– Sam B.

“I am 52 years old and have hated my teeth most of my life. I finally found the courage to have them aligned.

Dr. Roth and Frankel Team did an amazing job. They also made the process enjoyable. We laughed so much that Dr. Roth and Frankel Team would often have to stop us just to get the work done. His office staff made me feel as if I was going in to visit friends.

I love my smile. Thanks so much.”

– Mike S.

“I am writing to offer my support for Dr. Roth and Frankel Team. He did a beautiful job on my daughter Jennifer’s teeth, but also showed our family such kindness and compassion.

My husband died suddenly in the middle of our daughter’s treatment. Dr. Roth and Frankel Team helped me so much by forgiving the amount owned on Jennifer’s account. God bless them.”

– Mrs. Roberta M.

“Dr. Roth and Frankel Team has just started orthodontic treatment on our son Easton. He has treated our four other children and we are not only thrilled with their smiles, but also the experience we have had with Dr. Roth and Frankel Team.

They treat our children like family. Dr. Roth and Frankel Team takes the time to know each one of our kids. We have sent many of our friends to him and they can’t thank us enough.”

– Mark and Amy L.

“My daughter Jill is autistic and was in desperate need of orthodontic care. We could not find any orthodontist willing to treat her, including UCLA. Dr. Roth and Frankel Team was willing to take on her treatment. It took several appointments of just having Jill come in and sit in the chair before she was willing to allow anyone to even look in her mouth.

Two weeks ago, after two years of treatment, she had her braces removed. Her teeth look beautiful and she can’t stop smiling.

I can’t thank Dr. Roth & Frankel Team enough for all they have for my daughter’s self esteem.”

– Janet W.